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Palacios group currently includes the following brands: Palacios Alimentación, Floristán, Alinaco and Granderroble. These companies share the culture, commitment and know-how that Palacios Alimentación, the mother company, has maintained as traits since it was founded in 1983.

Our brands

Palacios is a food company that stands out for its quality and varied offer. Its factories manufacture traditional products – such as strung chorizo – and ready meals – pizzas, sandwiches, several types of omelette, desserts, etc. – for a new generation of consumers who demand healthy yet easy to prepare products.
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Floristán is the Palacios Group’s commitment to traditional gastro-culture. It makes traditional Spanish dishes – omelettes, migas and chistorra – so the consumer only has to worry about heating them up, serving them and enjoying them.
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Over 40 years producing desserts reveal Granderroble to be one of the leading points of reference in the confectionery market in Spain.
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Fuentetaja is Palacios investing in the valuable legacy of the Mediterranean diet. Dishes and recipes that make healthy eating into a lifestyle.
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Founded in 2014 and based in Sant Quirze del Vallès, Pastry Factory is a company that produces handmade frozen confectionery.s and traditional recipes, our confectionery has an intense flavour, is hand-made and colourful.
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Rhokett is the brand of the Palacios Alimentación Business Group Premium Refrigerated Pastry based in the county of Kent in the United Kingdom.
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