Your home, your palace

Your home is the place where you make the rules. And we know that you give just as much importance to the quality of the food you serve to the time you spend with your family. Consequently, we are working to bring everyone's favourite products to your table so that you can control how much time you spend with your loved ones.

That's the secret - a family secret.

All in good time

All good things come to those who wait. At Palacios we follow a 100% natural and meticulous cold meat preparation process where tradition plays an important role. Naturally.

Every palace has its King

The youngest members of the family rule the roost. And at Palacios we help you to keep them happy with the food they like best providing them with the best nourishment.



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New thin crust pizza
New thin crust pizza

Discover the refrigerated pizza revolution: a wide variety using high quality raw materials, intense flavours and a crisp stone cooked crust.

Day by day offering you format and innovation solutions for you to enjoy with your nearest and dearest.

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Made with only four ingredients, pork meat, paprika, salt and garlic.

Since Palacios was founded, our aim has been to offer you the best products. For this reason, all our chorizos are made free from preservatives or colouring, giving them unique quality and flavour.

Enjoy a traditional chorizo on any occasion.

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Palacios, Spanish representative at the Alimentaria México international exhibition
Palacios, Spanish representative at the Alimentaria México international exhibition

From 3rd to 5th June, the Alimentaria México was held, the international food and drink exhibition organised by Alimentaria Exhibitions and EJ Krause. The Palacios Alimentación Group was one of the Spanish companies that attended in order to consolidate its activities in the country and gain access to the Central American market ...

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"Curing takes place all in good time"

Jaime Palacios
Founder of Palacios Alimentación

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