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Chicken and chorizo paella

Another of the most popular dishes of Spanish cuisine worldwide. Healthy, easy to prepare and delicious, thanks to the slices of Chorizo Palacios.
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Spanish chorizo tapas: Baked provolone cheese and chorizo

By combining Provolone cheese, Chorizo Palacios and a touch of oregano you can create a delicious dish, which will be a must in your book of easy, attractive recipes.
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Spanish chorizo tapas: Chorizo in white wine

A surprising and easy appetiser. In just a few minutes, you can make a tapas dish to delight your guests.
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Spanish chorizo tapas: Sliced chorizo as an appetiser

If you have guests and you don't have much time to cook, cut a few slices of Chorizo Palacios, accompany them with some olives and enjoy the company.
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Chorizo soup

This soup is a classic dish of Spanish gastronomy. A source of natural fibre, it is perfect to eat on cold, winter days. Chorizo Palacios is the ideal addition.
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Chicken and chorizo stew

A healthy dish, with a chicken and vegetable base and the special touch given by Chorizo Palacios.
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Spanish omelette chorizo

If you like omelettes, add a few slices of Chorizo Palacios and enjoy a delicious dish that is easy to prepare.
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