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Palacios continues its work with the Spanish Food Bank Federation


Palacios Alimentación is working with the Spanish Food Bank Federation against wasting food in a project coordinated by AECOC

The Food Bank will hand over more than 800 tonnes of products to be distributed to 17,000 persons.

Pedro Sanz encourages Rioja society to follow the entity's example "to fight the crisis by sticking together"


La Rioja Food Bank has handed over more than 800 tonnes of products to over 150 entities, distributed to around 17,000 people. Faustino Gil, president of the entity, emphasised this when handing out ‘Friends and Food’ diplomas.

This event, where the Food Bank gives awards every year to thank companies and institutions working with the entity, welcomed the regional government president, Pedro Sanz, who this morning launched a message of unity to the people of La Rioja “to try and fight the economic crisis together with the best weapons we have for this: unity and solidarity.”

On this occasion, the awards recognised collaboration throughout the past year from Conservas Hermanos Celorrio, Kraft Foods España, Comercial Agrícola Rioja S.A. (CARSA), Palacios Alimentación, Transportes Azkar, Grupo Nueva Rioja, Carrefour, Hijo de José Martínez Somalo, Grupo Eroski, Grupo Simple, ConsulRioja, Logroño City Hall and La Rioja government.

As happens every year, one of the entity’s volunteers was also given a plaque, in this case Crescencio Aguado Gil, in recognition of their long term volunteering.

According to Sanz in his speech “Rioja society has a soul that prioritises solidarity and helping others, something that forms part of our identity and our image.” For this reason, he considered that “we have to thank the Food Bank family, for their daily altruistic work, doing an amazing job.”


In turn, Cuca Gamarra mentioned that “you are not only doing a laudable job but a necessary task these days” and she backed “the value of solidarity instead of hoarding and sharing whatever we can, instead of a wasteful, dead-end society.”

She stressed that the city will continue to work with the Food Bank and emphasised the important task that the Food Bank and other organisations are doing in Logroño, within the Poverty Group.

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